In order to help people log in easily, Grenadine has provided a variety of login options.


You can decide which login providers your attendees can use to log on the website and the mobile app. This allows for more efficient log in so those using your website or app can get right to it without any hassle.

Grenadine Event Manager -> People -> People Configuration

  1. Select the login options you would like to allow. If you do not wish to include one of the options simply deselect the box with the check mark.
  2. The “Email REGEX validator” is for advanced users only, if you are unfamiliar with this process please leave this area empty. If you do wish to use this input a regex string to validate acceptable email addresses. When a user inputs an email address, the system will check them against this regex to determine if the email address is acceptable.
  3. Add a help message to explain to users the acceptable email address formats.