View your schedule easily on the Grenadine-generated event website.


Finding and viewing your schedule on the Grenadine generated event website is incredibly easy. Once on the event website do the following to view your schedule:

  1. Select Schedule from the top of the event website
  2. If you are searching for something specific in the schedule you can do so here.
  3. You have the ability to view your schedule as either a List, Tiles, or Grid.

Viewing your schedule (grid)

  1. Date: Easily select the date you wish to view.
  2. Scroll Venues/Rooms: Click on these arrows to scroll throw the venues and/or rooms to see where events are taking place.
  3. Venues: The venue (or venues) will be displayed here.
  4. Rooms: The rooms in which sessions are taking place will be shown here. Rooms are the smaller, more specific location within a venue. For example, the “San Antonio Mariott Rivercenter” is the venue and “Conference 12” is the location.
  5. Sessions: Session will be displayed here (when viewing the schedule in grid form).
  6. Breaks: breaks will appear as shown here.
  7. Scroll: Scroll time and venues/rooms here.