Grenadine's mobile app lets you know what's happening when, suggests sessions that align with your interests, helps you network, and more!


Grenadine Event Guide lets you do more than just view your schedule. Interact, create private meetings, give feedback and more! To add a session to your schedule click the . Now this session will appear under the “My Schedule” section on Grenadine Event Guide.

View Schedule Details

Thumbs up/ Thumbs down Quickly make you thoughts on a session known by giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Share You are able to share the the event to social media, in an e-mail, via text message and more!

Send Feedback Have feedback about a session? Let event managers know by sending feedback here (pictured below).

Locate Venue Don’t worry about getting lost at large events. Grenadine will help you locate where you need to go.

My Schedule

My Schedule shows you everything you have scheduled including private meetings.

Create Custom Schedule Item

This allows you to create custom events, from one-on-one meetings, to team meetings you can do it all here.

What’s On

This page will show you what is happening right now.

New and Updated

When changes have been made to a session or a new one has been added you can see it here.