Poster sessions can show documents, chats, Q&A as well as live video, in the case of interactive poster sessions.

What are poster sessions?

A poster session is usually the presentation of research information in the form of a paper (or virtual) poster that event participants can see. Typically, posters are presented at academic or scientific events, and in some cases, viewers are invited to ask questions to the author(s) of the poster.

How to view poster sessions?

Poster sessions are usually presented in a Posters section, or presented at a particular time in the event schedule. They can also be presented at specific times in an “interactive” mode, and during the remainder of the event in “non-interactive” mode (where the author is not present).

To access a poster session page:

  • Access the poster session listing page on the event site. The poster session listing can be filtered by category for easier browsing. To go to a poster session’s page, click on a poster session title:


  • The poster, description, presenters, and other optional interactive features are displayed on a poster session’s page. If interactive features are enabled, a live video is present in the top right of the screen. To join Jitsi live video as an attendee or presenter, simply input your name and click the button:

    Note: To join the live video, video and audio permissions may need to be accepted in the browser: