Manage the trash.


The Trash page in Grenadine Event Manager allows you to view and restore entities that you have moved to trash (‘deleted’).


You can move various entities to the trash:

  • People
  • Ticket Types
  • Submissions
  • Call for Submissions
  • Events

When you move an entity to the trash, it will no longer be seen on it’s respective page. However you can use the trash management page to see those previously deleted entities and restore them.

Restoring entities

To restore and entity, such as a Ticket Type, all you need to do is select the entity and click the restore button at the top left of the table. You can restore multiple entities by selecting multiple rows and then clicking the restore button.

Note on “deleted” people

When you move a person to the trash their relationship to all events is removed, and their sign ups and sessions assignments are cleared. When that person is restored the sign up and session assignments will not be restored.