Top Popular Sessions offers users an overview of their most popular sessions by sales, signups, and favorites.

Knowing the popularity of your sessions will help you anticipate the requirements for each session and give you needed insight to help with planning an amazing event. Below we will breakdown the Top Popular Session and what each heading means.

Grenadine Event Manager > Your event > Schedule > Top Popular Sessions

  1. Top Sessions by Tickets Sold This section will show you which sessions have sold the most tickets in order from most to least. To view from least to most click the arrow next to Ticket holders.
  2. Top Sessions by Simple Signups If you are offering simple signups (ticketless signups) you can view the sessions with the most signups here, ordered from most to least, to reverse order click the arrow next to ticketless signups.
  3. Top Sessions by “Favorites” If a session does not require a ticket or sign-up attendees can “favorite” sessions they are interested in attending on either the event website or Grenadine Event Mobile App. You can view sessions by most to least favorite in this column. If you wish to view in reverse order click the arrow next to favorites.

Please Note: When an attendee “Favorites” a session, this does not necessarily mean they will be attending the session. Attendees can “favorite” to show interest and ensure they receive notifications about the session. Attendees do not need to be logged to favorite a session.

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