View details of each ticket or ticket type in the Tickets Sold table.


Monitoring ticket sales can easily be done using Grenadine Event Manager. Grenadine allows you to view your tickets sales as a whole, search for specific types of sales, and more. From broad overviews to the finest details you can keep track of tickets sold with Grenadine.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Registration -> Tickets Sold

The following image shows several menu items in your Tickets Sold table. Please find a brief explanation of each item and how it can help you below.

  1. Selecting this box will select all of the tickets sold. To select only specific tickets, you can select the boxes next to the corresponding ticket or tickets
  2. ID The ID is the ticket ID number it is the same number as the Ticket number.
  3. Ticket By clicking on the ticket number, you’ll be able to view the following registration details: Ticket holder, Reg #, Email, Type, Price, Order # and Date Sold.
  4. Ticket Holder The names of all ticket holders are listed here. You can search for specific ticket holders by name.
  5. Purchasers The name of the purchaser will be seen here. There are instances in which the purchaser will differ from the Ticker Holder, you will be able to see that here.
  6. Reg # The Registration number shows under which order the tickets were registered. The registration number is different from the ticket number. Many tickets can be purchased under a single registration number.
  7. Email In this column, you can search for ticket holders by email.
  8. Type If you require information about a certain ticket types, you can search for it by searching ticket types here.
  9. Session If a session requires a ticket, you will be able to find the tickets here.
  10. Date Sold You can search for tickets by the date they were sold using this column.
  11. Price You can view the price of each ticket here.
  12. Order # Along with ID, Ticket, and Registration, each ticket is assigned an Order # which you can search for here.
  13. Promo code If a ticket was purchased with a promo code you can find it here.
  14. Status You can view the status of a ticket order here. In the event a ticket has the “pay later” option and has not been paid for it will not be marked “completed”.

Tickets Sold will allow you to view and manage the details of every ticket that has been sold for your event.

  1. allows you to change the “ticket holder”.

Please note: if you change the ticket holder for a registration ticket and that person doesn’t possess another registration ticket, they will be unregistered. Similarly, if you assign a registration ticket to an unregistered person, they will be registered. The new ticket holder will receive an email with their ticket.

  1. Selecting will make the ticket null and void. Upon canceling a ticket, an email will be sent to the ticket holder to inform them of the cancelation.

  2. will allow you to download PDF versions of selected tickets.

  3. If you wish to email your ticket holders, you can do so by selecting the ticket holders you wish to contact and clicking . This option is great for sending invitations, schedule updates and changes, and any other subjects which require a mass email.

  4. This will export an excel file list of tickets in the order in which they were obtained.

  5. This will export an excel file list in which the tickets are ordered by ticket type.

  6. will export the data shown on the “Tickets Sold” screen as it is shown.

  7. If you wish to see more information about the tickets sold, select . You can customize the columns that will be displayed to you. See below.

The items above that appear with a :white_check_mark: next to them will be shown in the Tickets Sold table by default. Continue reading below for an explanation of the functionality of each of these items.