Use ticketless registration to allow attendees to register for events that do not require tickets.


Ticketless registration allows event planners to create a registration that will not issue a PDF ticket. In most cases, event planners will opt to issue tickets; however, if you do not wish to issue tickets continue reading to learn how to do so in three easy steps. You may also want to read about changes to Grenadine Shopping Cart

Ideal for Less Commercial Events

There are instances in which the event you are organizing will require registration, but for which issuing tickets will be unnecessary. For example, you may be planning a corporate event, holding a large webinar, or organizing an open house at a university. In these cases, you will want those who plan on attending to register, however, they will not need a PDF ticket, or a mobile ticket so none will be issued.

Skip Ticketing

With ticketless registration, attendees will register for events, as usual, however, they will not be sent a PDF ticket. Rest assured, attendees will still be informed of their successful registration with both a confirmation message after the registration page has been successfully submitted and an automatically generated confirmation e-mail.

While creating ticketless registration is now an option, we recommend you only use it when needed. Most attendees will be more comfortable with the traditional set up whether the tickets are free of charge or not.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration -> Registration -> Ticket Types

Set Up

Setting up ticketless registration is incredibly easy. To begin, select from the sidebar menu. From here, you will see the various ticket types you have created. Select the ticket you would like to enable ticketless registration for.

If you have not yet created the ticket select

Whether you are editing an existing “ticket type” or creating a new one, the options will be the same. To enable ticketless registration select “Advanced Options” as shown below.

From here, follow the simple three-step process shown below:

1.Select Advanced Options
2.Deselect Issue a PDF ticket
3.Click ! If you do not click this your changes will not be saved.

Well done! You have set up ticketless registration.

What Attendees Will See

If you are using ticketless registration for your event, the differences will be subtle to attendees. See below.

  1. When ticketless registration is enabled, attendees will be alerted to their successful registration with a simple “success!” message. When PDF tickets are being issued attendees will be prompted to download their tickets.
  2. Both registrations options issue a registration number. When tickets are issued, attendees will be able to download them directly from this confirmation screen.

In both cases, a confirmation will be sent to all registered attendees.

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