With Grenadine, you can register people for your event, you can also register people for specific sessions within your event. Attendees and speakers need to be registered to publish their profiles to the Web and mobile apps.


Monitoring and managing event registration is crucial to running a successful event. Luckily, Grenadine Event Manager makes this process easy, offering an in-depth look at the registration details of your event in a straight-forward way. Follow the guide below to set up your event registration.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration -> Registration Configuration
  1. Registration Configuration: allow you to configure the registration (shopping cart, guest check-out, payment options, and more).

  2. Ticket Types. In this page, you can create different ticket types for your event such as “early bird”, “student”, etc. as well as creating tickets for individual sessions if necessary.

  3. Tickets Sold table allows you to view details about ticket sale. This step allows you to monitor sales, contact ticket holders, view their registration form responses, and more.

  4. The Registration Orders table shows you when a ticket was purchased and by whom, you are also able to email the purchaser, resend confirmation emails, and other things to do with the ticket purchaser.

  5. Registration Forms are groups of questions that you can ask when as part of the ordering or ticket purchasing process. These questions are asked in addition to the default questions that are already asked by Grenadine Event Manager (name, address, email address and payment method).

  6. Registration Messages Registration messages are short messages that are displayed on the ticket purchase confirmation screen, as well as on the ticket that purchasers receive via email. You can use registration messages to include information such as what to wear, what to bring, where to meet, what is your refund policy, etc.

  7. Promo Codes can be used in Grenadine to allow specific users (those who have been given the promo code) to view ticket types that are not visible or available to the general public. These can include but are not limited to, add-on tickets for spouses, tickets for specific sessions, etc

  8. Sales Taxes can easily be set up using Grenadine. Grenadine software allows you to set up taxes for your event and organize them by purchaser region if required. Event Managers are able to configure different tax rates for different regions when necessary.

  9. Event Check-In

Registration Process Setup