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Submissions Reviews Page View and manage the reviews for calls for submissions here
Configure Submissions Page An introductory text that appears at the top of your list of calls for submissions. It will only appear if you have more than one call for submissions at the...
Create a call for submissions Page You create a call for submissions by specifying boilerplate information and linking to the submission survey form of your choice.
Create a survey Page Creating a submission survey is an essential part of your call for submissions. It exposes all the questions for which you are seeking responses in a submiss...
Mobile App: Custom Pages Page Custom pages will appear on your event app and within the about section on the event websites.
People Mentioned in Submissions Page You can now view the details of people who are mentioned in a submission.
Reviewing submissions Page Reviewing submissions can be quite the task if done without any assistance; luckily Grenadine Event Management Software is here to help to make the submissio...
Invitations to submit Page To limit the number of people submitting you can make your call for submissions private to anyone you have not invited.
Submission Documents Page Grenadine allows you to upload documents to your submissions.
Submission Reviewers Page Add reviewers to submissions to aid the submission reviewing process.
Submission Summaries Page Get a quick view of submission details and share them with reviewers if necessary.
Submission Summaries Page The Submission 'Summary' tab quickly provides you with a run down of the need to know information about each submission.
How To Assign Reviewers To Submissions Page By adding reviewers to the submissions process Grenadine helps you manage submissions, and delegate with ease.
The Call for Submission Process Page To receive submissions, the organizer must prepare a submission form, collect, evaluate, and accept or reject each submission.
Submissions Page Submissions are sets of documents and associated form responses that you receive from prospective participants in your events. You will receive one submissio...