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How to add images on your Event Website and Event Guide Mobile App. Page We will show you how you can add images on your Grenadine Event Website. Images can be displayed on the homepage and/or on custom pages.
Add a Google Analytics tracking code Page You can add your own Google Analytics tracking code to your event website and your event mobile app.
Creating Sessions Page Once you have successfully created your event you can begin creating the individual sessions.
Customize a Grenadine Event Website using CSS Page Advanced users can customize some elements of the Grenadine Event Website using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).
Grouping Sessions: How They Appear on Your Event Website Page When you have complicated event schedules, sometimes you need to group things to help your guests navigate your schedule and find what they need or what interests them. To organize your schedules, Grenadine Event Management Software offers four ways to group your sessions: Grouping by track or theme Grouping...
HTML Snippets Page Use HTML Snippets to link your event information to your website.
Pages Page Create pages on your event website by following the simple steps below.
People Images Page Introduction People images are the pictures that appear next to people who have registered to attend or speak at your event. Once registered, individuals can use a personal professional photo of their own. Navigation Path Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Event -> Event Information
Publishing your event data Page Grenadine Event Manager works with your event plan in draft mode until you decide that you are ready to publish. Once published, your information becomes acc...
Publish your event website under a custom URL Page If you don't want to publish your event website under a domain, you can publish under your own domain (i.e.
Session Virtual Space Page An overview of the session virtual space tab.
Session Finances Page Add financial information to your sessions
Your Event Site Shopping Cart Page The Grenadine shopping cart can be turned on or off with the click of a bottom using the Grenadine dashboard.
Survey Configuration Page Configure your surveys by making optional fields mandatory.
Publishing your event data Page Grenadine Event Manager allows you to create user roles so you and your team can plan and manage events with ease.
Virtual Space Configuration Page An overview of embedded virtual space video and virtual space provider configuration.
The Website Configuration Process Page Grenadine Event Manager allows you to configure your automatically generated website to meet your needs and the needs of your event attendees.
Your Tickets Page Manage and view your event tickets with ease on your computer.