Survey queries will provide you with important details about your event surveys.


Survey queries can be used to obtain information from any survey that you’ve sent out and for which you’ve had responses. For example, you can use survey queries to find specific information such as a list of all the people who answered “vegetarian” as a meal preference. Name each of your queries so that you can run them over and over again as more responses to your surveys come in.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Surveys -> Survey Queries

Add Query

Click on Add.

The following screen will appear after clicking on Add.

1. Name: Give the query a distinct name that will help you keep track of the content of the query. For example, queries should have names like “Vegetarians” or “suggested panelists”, etc.

2. Survey: Assign the survey this query is relevant to.

3. Shared: To enable other members of your team to be able to see and execute this query, select this box.

4. Show Location: To show the location of the individual who has filled out this survey. This is only relevant for surveys that require respondents to provide their address.

5. Order by Date Received: Selecting this box will show the queries in order of date received.

6. Query Predicates: A query predicate is the condition that you want to check on. For example, you could have a predicate for “What language do you speak? = french”, which means that you want the query to extract all surveys for which the respondent has specified “french” in the question called “What languages do you speak?”. You can add many predicates if you want to check on many response values or on many different questions at the same time.

Query Predicates

  1. Question: Select the question you wish to search. Please Note: In order to select the operation you must first select the question.
  2. Operation: The comparison you would like to perform.
  3. Survey Value: The value to compare to or to check. If you selected answered or not answered in the operation field (above), just leave this blank.

Query Details

To edit the details of your query select shown highlighted. The Edit Survey box will appear as shown below, here you can change any detail necessary.

Query Reports

To view the details of the query select the query you wish to view then you can select either to view instantly or to download and save the report.

Run Report

After selecting the the report will appear at the bottom of the screen as shown below and give the following information:

  1. First Name: The first name of the individual who has filled out the query.
  2. Last Name: The last name of the individual who has filled out the query.
  3. Email: The email of the individual who filled out the survey.
  4. Organization: The organization or company the individual is representing if any.
  5. Date Filled: The date the survey query was filled by the respondent.

6-7: Query Predicates: These represent the answers to questions you have previously written in the survey predicates section of the query. These will differ from query to query.

  1. Mini-Bio: If those who have filled out the query have written a short bio (100-200 words) to appear publicly it will appear here.

Save as CVS

Download reports by saving them as CSV by following the steps below.

Select .

Select the box highlighted in the image above to view the query as a CSV report.

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