By adding reviewers to the submissions process Grenadine helps you manage submissions, and deleagte with ease.


Grenadine Event Management Software allows you to add reviewers to aid in the submissions process. By adding reviwers with Grenadine you are able to monitor what has been submitted and whereit is in the review process. You are also able to see what your trusted reviewers thought of each submission.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions->Select submission to review->Select reviewer

Process Overview

Using the “Reviewers” tab you are able to do the following:

  • Add Reviewer: add a person who si helping you organzie your event to review potential participants.
  • Email: If you have to contact the reviewer regarding the submission you can do so here.
  • Delete: Remove any reviewers who are not needed.

The following reiver information will be shown:

  • Name: The namne of each reviewer is listed here.
  • Role: The role each reiver has been assigned in this step of the porcess.
  • Review: The “score” each reviewer has given the submission in question.
  • Review Date: The date each reviewer reviewes and scored the submission.
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