Get a quick view of submission details and share them with reviewers if necessary.


When reviewing submissions you are able to select the “summary” tab. This tab will provide you with an overview of submission itself, any survey questions that may have been answered, as well as information about the person who made the submission.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions -> Submissions -> Select the submission you would like to view -> Summary

The summary tab provides you with a quick view of the following information you have requested from potential participants:

  • Icon of the type of item submitted
  • Submitter Name
  • Submitter Organization (the company or organization the submitter will be representing)
  • Submitter E-mail

This section also provides more in-depth information including:

  • Call for Proposal: The title of the specific call for submission
  • Date: The date the submission was made
  • By: The person submitting
  • Status: Where the submission is in the process; for example, is it still processing, or has it been decided.
  • Acceptance: Whether or not the submission has been accepted.

In this area, you can also print or share the submission if necessary as well as view the submitters’ survey answers.

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