Grenadine Event software allows you to create a profile using your computer.


Your event profile can be set up using the mobile app or you can log in via the event website and create, or edit your profile from there.

After registering for the event and/or purchasing your tickets take the following steps to find your profile page.

Event Website -> My Account -> My Profile

Process Overview

To make your profile public and fill in any information you wish to make public go to the “My Account” Section of the event website after you have completed registration. You will be directed to “My Profile”, if at any time you need to edit the information you have provided, you can do so here. If you wish to provide public information follow, click the toggle and follow the steps as outlined below.

Personal Details

Update or edit your personal details by clicking highlighted in the picture above. Once this has been selected the following image will appear:

  1. Name: The name of the person registered for the event. This will most often be your name, unless you are registering another individual for the event and setting up their profile.
  2. Organization Information: The organization which the person attending the event is representing and their job title. This information is not always required.

Published Name

To add name different from the one you have registered with ( a “published name” or “stage name”) select the box next to Put a different name (or a “stage” name) on public profile and fill out the information highlighted below.


You have the option to upload a photo to share on your public profile to make yourself easily recognizable on the event app and website should you wish to do so. If you used social media to log into the event website you will be able to use your social media picture as your profile picture for the event. To upload a photo or use your existing social media photo select and follow the instructions outlined below.

Photo: Upload a professional photo to use during the event. This photo must be a JPG or PNG file in a square format. Please note the max file size is 5 MB. Use your social media image: Select this box to use the image from the social media network you used to log into the event website. Social media images will only be used if you have not already uploaded your own image.

Linking the event app and website to your social media links is a great way to make networking hassle-free while attending events. To do this, simply click the “No” box highlighted above, and follow the instructions below.

To add bio information and link to the appropriate social media pages click and follow the steps below.

  1. Bio: Here you have the option to write a short biography about yourself that will be published on your profile page.
  2. Social Media Link to any relevant social media pages.
  3. Other Social Media URL: If you would like to add a link to a social media page not listed above (for example, Pinterest, Discord, etc.) you can add the link here.
  4. Website: You can add the website of your organization or your relevant personal website.

Remember to save your changes!

My visibility settings

Clicking yes to this will show your name in the attendance list for each session you are attending.

  • Public profile Your profile will be listed in the attendees section. You will also have your own profile page on the website.
  • Show my schedule Your profile will be listed in the session pages that you are participating in. Your schedule will be visible in your profile page. This setting is dependent on your profile being public.
  • Allow messages Other attendees will be able to message you. This setting is dependent on your profile being public.

Remember to save your changes!

View my profile page

Clicking this button will take you to the web version of your profile page as it appears now. You can edit and update as you wish.

You will be re-directed to your profile page which will appear as shown below.

  1. Your profile picture, whether you uploaded a picture, are using your social media image, or the default image set by the event organizer will appear here.
  2. Your name or your published name
  3. The relevant social media links you provided.
  4. Your biography will be displayed here.
  5. If you wish to share your event profile you can do so here.