Here are the steps required to set up Moneris to accept registration payments into your Grenadine event website.

Moneris is an Add-on Option

Getting Required Information from Moneris

To configure your Moneris payment gateway in Grenadine, you will need to obtain the ps_store_id and hpp_key from your Moneris account. Here is a screenshot from what you may see in Moneris. Note the ps_store_id and hpp_key at top of screen.

On the Moneris system, you will also need to:

  • Set the transaction type to Purchase
  • Ensure the response method is POST
  • set the approved and declined URL to
  • Find out the hosted payment page URL ( at the time of writing)

Once the basic configuration has been set at Moneris, also turn on the Enhanced Cancel (this option will appear after you submit the other settings).

If you need help with Moneris, you can access Moneris documentation at this link: Moneris documentation

Configuring Moneris on Grenadine

Now that the preparation steps are complete at Moneris, go into your Grenadine Event Management Software system and navigate to the specific event for which you will be configuring Moneris. From the top right menu, select Event Settings. Once in event settings, choose Payment Gateway. From this screen, proceed with the following steps:

  1. From the configuration screen, in Payment Gateway, select Moneris.
  2. Enter the ps_store_id that you obtained above in the ps_store_id field.
  3. Enter the hpp_key that you obtained above in the hpp_key field.
  4. Enter the Moneris hosted payment page URL that you obtained from Moneris in the Prod URL field.
  5. Check the Active checkbox.

Moneris will then be configured to accept payments for your event.