Grenadine Event Management Software uses several email addresses when it interacts with your attendees and your speakers. Take a few minutes and set them up properly for your account.


Grenadine Event Management Software uses several email addresses when it interacts with your attendees and speakers. Below you will find instructions to set up each account.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Settings-> Global Settings-> Emails and Notifications

To set up email addresses, go to Settings -> Global Settings and navigate to the “Emails and Notifications” section. Here you will find several email addresses, most of which you can set yourself to values that make sense for you.

From Address. This is the address marked in the “from” field when Grenadine Event Management Software sends emails on your behalf. By default, we’ll send email from, which, as you may have guessed, is an address to which people cannot reply.Because of the way email senders are set up on the internet, you are unable to set a “from” address to whatever you choose without first doing some technical setup. This is to prohibit people from putting in someone else’s “from” address without permission. For this reason, you are unable to edit this field.

If you’re a subscriber to Grenadine Tier 3, you can contact us for details about how to customize the “from” address for you, and we’ll send instructions on what’s required on your part. Tier 3 access will allow you to set the “from” address as any address with a certain domain. For example, anyone with an “” account will be able to send e-mails if that would best suit your needs as a Tier 3 Grenadine User.

General Information Address. This is the general address that will be published in various places on your websites and mobile apps, and is meant to be the address where you, the event organizer, can be reached. For example, when we display a link such as “contact the event organizer”, this is will be the e-mail address to receive those messages.

The Info Email is also used to notify you when certain things happen on your system, such as when a speaker sends you a file through the event website. Make sure that you set up the Info Email properly to a live address that represents your event and from which you will be able to respond.

Reply-To Address.When users reply to messages you’ve sent they will be received by this e-mail address. You can set this address to best suits your needs whether you’d like to set it to the same address as the Info Email above, or to a different email within your organization. Please note that “reply-to” works for some email providers and not others. Some email providers send replies to the “from” address instead of the “reply-to” address, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change this.

Organizer Notification Address Any notifications sent to you from Grenadine Event Manager will be received by this e-mail address. For example, if an event attendee comments on a scheduled session you will be notified here. This allows you to monitor the comments and be notified of feedback in a timely manner. As shown below, you can turn notifications off or on to customize the feedback you would like to receive.You can also choose when any ticket holder will receive the following notifications (as detailed in steps 6 and 7).

More detailed information about e-mail set-up can be foundhere.

Email Notifications

  1. Monitor your ticket sales with notifications when a new ticket order has been made. This will keep you up to date with how many attendees to expect at your event.
  2. Turning on this notification will let you know whenever a document is uploaded to a public profile. For example, if a speaker uploads their documents for review, you receive a notification here ensuring important documents are not overlooked.
  3. If an attendee cancels their ticket order you will be notified here, allowing you to manage tickets and ticket sales.
  4. Turning on this notification will inform you of any comments made on your public event website.
  5. When attendees comment on a session or interact with the mobile app through text, you will receive a notification. This allows you to monitor feedback which will enable you to create the best event possible.
  6. Alert participants when they receive an order, it is recommended that you keep this notification turned on because it allows participants to receive their tickets by e-mail.
  7. If a ticket holders’ ticket is canceled by the event organizer the ticket holder will receive a notification.

Grenadine’s new “assistant” feature will send you important updates about registrations as you need them</br>

  1. If you wish to receive daily registration reports select this box.
  2. If you wish to receive weekly reports select this box.
  3. If you wish to receive monthly reports select this box.

Customize your report notifications (steps 8,9, 10) to meet your needs. You can recieve notificatons as frequently or infrequently as you would like. Remember: these notifications will help you keep track of important registration information.