When sessions on your schedule are private, you can restrict visibility so that only those who are assigned will see them on the event program.


Event organizers often need to hold special events (or special schedule items) that happen during their main event but are reserved for special groups of people. This is frequently the case at conferences that have the main track for all attendees, with sponsored parties or gatherings that require an invitation.

There are also instances when an organizer needs to gather a small group of people or schedule one-on-one meetings ahead of time. Private sessions are ideal for situations such as these, as they allow individuals to keep track of their schedules without making them public knowledge.

For these situations, Grenadine offers organizers the private Visibility for sessions to insert “private sessions” in an event’s schedule.

What’s a Private Session?

A private session is something that happens at your event but is not visible to the general public. As an event planner, you can schedule, plan and describe the private item, without making this information available to the general public. You can use private sessions for things such as staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, VIP parties, special showings, etc.

When you have a private session, only those people who have been assigned to the session can see it on their schedule. It works similarly to speaker bookings, except that invitees to private events will see said events highlighted in blue:

Assigning Someone to a Private Session

How can a person be assigned to a private session? They can be assigned in one of 3 ways:

  • You assigned them yourself
  • They registered for the session, through a private registration link that you sent them
  • They bought a ticket for it, through a ticket that you set up for this purpose

Regardless of how someone is assigned to a private session, they will only see it in their personal schedule after they have been assigned to it. They’ll also see where the event takes place and the other participants

If you use the Grenadine mail merge tool to send a person their schedule link, they’ll also see any private events they have within their schedule listing.

Remember: A session must be marked as Published to appear on your event website whether or not it is a “public” or “private” session.