You assign one or more people to a session by giving them a role, such as speaker, moderator, etc.


You can manage the people associated with the session. This tab provides a view of all people associated with the session, wether they are on stage (such as speakers) or in the audience (such as people who have signed up).

NOTE: this tab is currently in a beta release.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule -> Select Session -> People

Assigning People

When you click button a dialog will appear contain a table that you can use to select people. First select a role and then select a visibility.

If the visibility is:

  • Public, the assignment will be shown on the website and the mobile app.
  • Private, the assignment will be shown on the website and the mobile app only to the people that have a participant or staff role in the session.
  • Organizer, the assignment will be visible only to event organizers.

Each of the people assigned will be displayed in the table within the tab along with the role indicating their relationship with the item. You can sort the people with a role by drag and dropping them in the table.

There are filters there so you can view just the participants or attendees if you wish.

You can also select one or more people and un-assign them from the session (at the moment this only applies to simple sign up and participants).

Assigning People to Many Sessions

From the main session table you can select one or more sessions and use the to assign people to all of those Sessions in the selected role.