Build a URL to display specific information from your event website.


Build a URL to display specific information from your event website. This will allow you to send attendees and participants URLs that have been tailored to show specific information. For example, if you wish to view or send a schedule conditioning on sessions from specific categories you can do so by entering the category IDs in the URL using the steps outlined below.

This documents outlines how to build a URL to meet your specific needs. Simply find the ID of the item(s) you wish to display and enter it/them into the URL of the event website. Continue reading to learn how to build the URLs you need.</br>

Begin by collecting the category number, or numbers from the categories page in Global settings.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Global Settings -> Categories-> ID

In another tab, go to your event website.

Process Overview

To find a specific session or person, search for the type of category you wish you view. The categories will be shown in color on the schedule of your event website as shown highlighted in the picture above.

Find the category number you are searching for in the category table in global settings. As you can see the category ID we are searching for is 264.

Going back to your event website type this number in at the end of the URL as follows:


Now you will only be shown items with that category ID, as shown below. You are able to search for more than one category ID by adding a comma, then any subsequent IDs you wish to search for.