In order to better organize your events create session formats


Session formats allow you to organize your sessions into different formats to meet you needs. You can label your sessions to let attendees know what type of session it will be. For example, it could be a talk, an autograph session, or a workshop, etc.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings-> Global Settings -> Session Formats

  1. To create a session format click .
  2. To edit a session click this button. Here you will be able to rename the session if needed and change its position.
  3. To delete a session format click here. Once a session has been delete it cannot be undone.

Process Overview

  1. Format Name: Name the session format (eg workshop,talk, etc).
  2. Format Position: This will indicate where the session format will appear. The lower the number the more easily visible this format will appear.
  3. Save Changes: Remember to always save your changes.