Upload images to give attendees visual cues about sessions.


When creating a session you are given the option to select a format. Session formats can be a wide range of things for example workshop, talk, autograph session, etc. In the session format images section, you can upload default images for each session format to make your schedule even more easy to read with visual cues.

If your company has previously used Grenadine Event Manager previously used session formats will automatically appear.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Event -> Event Configuration -> Session Format Images

Process Overview

Select the session to which you would like to add a Session Format Image

Add Large Card Image If you would like the images to be large (736 px wide by 264 px high) select this button and continue

Add Medium Card Image For medium sized images (264 px wide by 264 px high)

You can select a file from your computer by dragging and dropping it from your desktop.

Once the image has been selected, you are able to crop it using an integrated image editor.

Save Changes Remember to always save your changes.