Add financial information to your sessions


In many cases, sessions will have income finances or outgoing expenses. To allow you to run your event as smoothly as possible without going over budget Grenadine allows you to input financial information for all sessions that require it.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule -> Select Session -> Finance

  1. +Add: To add a finance item select and follow the steps outlined below in Create Finance Item.
  2. Edit: Edit notes by selecting the note that needs editing and clicking .
  3. Delete: To permanently delete a note select .
  4. Account/Category: The account/ category associated with the income/expense.
  5. Vendor/Description: The name of the vendor of a description of the product/service.
  6. Income: The amount of income in this particular account/category.
  7. Expense: The expense associated with this account/category.
  8. Due By: The date the income or expense is due to be received or paid.
  9. Notes: Add notes to this finance item by selecting .
  10. Docs: If needed, you can add a document to the finance item

Create Finance Item

  1. Amount: The amount of the income/expense.
  2. Currency: The currency of the income/expense.
  3. Exchange Rate: If the currency is different from your local currency you can enter that here
  4. Account/Category: Where the money from this income/expense is going to/ coming from.
  5. Vendor or Description: Enter the vendor name (eg. Sal’s AV Rentals) or the description (eg. Microphone rentals).
  6. Due By: The date the payment is due.