Add either public or private documents to sessions.


Adding relevant documents to sessions helps you and your team keep track of every piece of relevant information for each session.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule->Select Session->Documents

  1. +Add: To add a document simply click and follow the steps outlined below in Process Overview.
  2. Edit: If you need to edit the name, categories, and/or privacy of a document you can do so by selecting .
  3. Delete: to delete a session select the session you wish to delete then select
  4. File: Here you can see the file name, as well as download it, edit, view as HTML and share by selecting the highlighted icons.
  5. Categories: The category or categories associated with the document (for example, volunteers, speakers, etc.).
  6. Visibility: Who can see this document? If the document is marked Private it will only be visible to you and your team, if the document is Public it will be visible to the public and will be published on your event website and mobile app.

Process Overview

  1. File: Select the file you wish to upload by clicking and choosing the file from your device.
  2. Name: The name of the file you are uploading. Be sure to give it a descriptive and concise name.
  3. Categories: Place this document in one or more categories if necessary.
  4. This Document is Private: Leave this box checked for documents that are private to you and your team. If you unselect this box, this document will be available to the public and also published on your online and mobile event guides.