When Grenadine sends out emails on your behalf (order confirmations, messages, etc.), or when you use mail merge to send messages through Grenadine, those messages can be set to originate from your own corporate domain, for example, you@yourdomain.com.


Having an event planning tool send out emails to your guests is effective and practical. Unfortunately, e-mails sent from no-reply@event-planning-tool.com look impersonal and generic.

This method also doesn’t allow for quick replies and ease of conversation, thus negating, to some extent, the overall branding of your event.

With Grenadine Event Management Software, you can configure your planning system to send out emails that originate from your “real” email address, thus improving your image and allowing your guests to directly respond to the correct person.

Below you will find an explanation of your options.

Say your organization is called Scotties’s Company and your email domain is @scotties-co.com. There are two options to configure Grenadine to send emails on behalf of your email address.

Option #1: Single Email Address

In this option, you choose one email address that you’d like to use. Let’s say you want to use the address [events@scotties-co.com]. Once you’ve chosen your address, simply contact the knowledgeable Grenadine support team and ask them to set up events@scotties-co.com as an authorized address.

Grenadine will send you a verification email asking you if you give permission “to send an email on behalf of this address”. For you to receive the confirmation email, the email address that you choose must, of course, be a real email address. Once you receive the authorization email, all you have to do is click on the confirmation link to authorize this action, and Grenadine will do the rest.

From then on, all emails coming out of your event system within Grenadine Event Management Software will come from events@scotties-co.com. This includes registration emails, mail merge batches, event surveys, speaking invitations, personal schedule messages, and event sign-up confirmations. All of your speakers and attendees will see the correct “from” address in their email client, and they will be able to reply directly to you.

Option #2: Authorization for Your Whole Email Domain

This option allows you to use Grenadine Event Manager to send from the email address of your choice within the @scotties-co.com domain. For this option to work, you’ll first need to contact the person who manages your organization’s DNS servers to make sure they can assist you in adding records to your organization’s DNS.

Contact the Grenadine support team and ask them to set up (scotties-co.com) as an authorized email domain. We will send you a domain verification record (TXT record) as well as up to three DKIM signing records (they are a special kind of CNAME record) to add to your DNS entries.

The person who manages your organization’s DNS servers will need to add at least the domain verification TXT record to your DNS entries. You have the option of adding the DKIM signing records. While this is not mandatory it is highly recommended, because these improve the deliverability of emails due to the fact that they will be “signed”.

Once those records are added, we will verify and approve your domain.

From then on, give us a primary email address to set up (for example events@scotties-co.com) and we will configure that email address as the “from” address for your account. Your speakers and attendees will see the correct “from” address in their email client, and they will also be able to reply to you directly.

Because you have enabled your whole domain as an authorized sender, you can change your “from” addresses to any valid address in the @scotties-co.com domain without needing any other authorization.

Get Started with Event Emails from Your Own Domain

Custom email address sending (option #1) is included in Grenadine Event Planning Tier 3. Custom domain (option #2) is an add-on to Grenadine Event Planning Tier 3 with a fee required to set up authorization for each domain.

Ready to get going? Contact our support team and let’s get started today!