Reviewing submissions can be quite the task if done without any assistance; luckily Grenadine Event Management Software is here to help to make the submissions review process simple and pain-free.


As you can see in the image below the review submissions feature will provide you with the following easy to find options:

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions -> Your Submission

  1. Accept: The submission is up to your standard and you would like to accept it for your event.
  2. Reject: Unfortunately, the submission does not meet the requirements for your event and you would not like to move forward with it.
  3. E-mail Submitter: When you need to contact the submitter, for example, if you would like to request further information.
  4. Assign: If you have people to help you review submissions you can assign them here.
  5. Delete: If you do not wish to store this submission. Once you have begun the submission review process you can monitor a submission’s progress by clicking the “review” tab.

In this tab you will soon be able to view the following:

  • Name: Who has reviewed the submission thus far.
  • Review: The “score” out of 10 given to the submission.
  • Review Date: The date each “reviewer” looked at the submission.
  • Review Text: Comments made by the reviewers.
  • Assign: If you have people to help you review submissions you can assign them here.

Review Submission from Event Website

From the Event Website, you can review submissions directly from My Account. If you have submissions to review, you will see a menu item for My Submissions to Review in My Account. All submissions in the Review step that you are assigned to as a reviewer will appear on this tab:

To initiate a submission review, simply click on a submission and input your evaluation:

When your are done inputting your review, click and your review will be submitted. The submission will also be removed from the My Submissions to Review tab since the submission is no longer awaiting review. Continue this process until you have no remaining submissions to review.

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