Reviewing submissions can be quite the task if done without any assistance; luckily Grenadine Event Management Software is here to help to make the submissions review process simple and pain-free.


As you can see in the image below the review submissions feature will provide you with the following easy to find options:

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions -> Submissions -> Select the submission you would like to review

  1. Accept: The submission is up to your standard and you would like to accept it for your event.
  2. Reject: Unfortunately, the submission does not meet the requirements for your event and you would not like to move forward with it.
  3. E-mail Submitter: When you need to contact the submitter, for example, if you would like to request further information. 4.Assign: If you have people to help you review submissions you can assign them here.
  4. Delete: If you do not wish to store this submission. Once you have begun the submission review process you can monitor a submission’s progress by clicking the “review” tab.

In this tab you will soon be able to view the following:

  • Name: Who has reviewed the submission thus far.
  • Review: The “score” out of 10 given to the submission.
  • Review Date: The date each “reviewer” looked at the submission.
  • Review Text: Comments made by the reviewers.
  • Assign: If you have people to help you review submissions you can assign them here.

Please note: This portion of Grenadine Event Management Software is still under construction, more detailed instructions will follow upon the release of this feature.

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