Closely monitor ticket sales with these helpful reports.


Monitoring tickets and ticket sales is a crucial element to any well-organized event. Grenadine helps event organizers monitor tickets from the moment they become available until the event has been successfully wrapped-up.

Ticket sales

Event organizers can view a variety of details on ticket sales. Organizers can search for the following information about tickets sales:

  • Language
  • Ticket type
  • Published sessions
  • Promo codes
  • Include canceled tickets
  • Include all of your organization’s events


When an order has been completed on the event website, attendees will be sent an order confirmation email which can contain one or more tickets. Order reports allow event organizers to view:

  • Date the order was made
  • Purchaser
  • Coupon (if applicable)
  • Processor
  • Status (has the order been completed, canceled, etc.)
  • Amount (the total cost of the order)

Orders (including reg.from responses)

This report displays the answers to any survey questions asked on survey forms if they were included as part of attendee/participant registration.

Check-ins and checkouts

Event organizers can monitor who has checked-in or out of an event. This information can be a broad search or more detailed if necessary.For example, if an organizer needs to monitor those who have checked-in with a student ticket, they can do so here.

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