Every event needs people, and Grenadine makes it easy for you to monitor critical information about both event attendees and participants


In the “people” table you have quick access to the following information about each person at the event:

  • ”#” (the number assigned to them)
  • Published name (the name they have provided to the event)
  • Bio (whether or not they have provided a bio to be published with their public information)
  • Registration (whether or not they have registered)
  • Job title/company
  • E-mail address
  • Participation (whether or not they are a participant or attendee)
  • Speaker status (if they are speaking/ have been invited to speak or are a potential invite)
  • Inv Categ (Invitation Category, not required for all people)
  • Acceptance (If the person has been invited to speak this will show whether or not they have accepted this invitation)

People assigned to sessions in a speaking role

This straightforward table shows you the name of the person presenting, the title of their presentation and the date/time at which it will occur.

People not assigned to any sessions in a speaking role

This table shows you participants who are speakers but that have not yet been assigned to a session.

People biographies

Biography reports allow the you to see the first and last name, as well as the published name, if applicable, of the people at the event. A short biography can also be viewed here if the attendee or participant has chosen to provide one publicly. Biographies are an excellent feature for both attendees and participants to use as they can help with networking by allowing others to see ones professional background and interests.

People with no biography

The “people with no biography” report shows you the information for those who have not provided a biography. This easy to read table simply displays the information below:

  • #
  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Published Name ( If applicable )
  • Speaker Status
  • Acceptance

People and Social Network

Social media has become a large part of professional networking and event promotion. Grenadine not only strives to make event planning easy, we also want every event to have a long lasting impact on both attendees and participants; that is why we provide the option for attendees and participants to include links to their social media pages. This information is shown on the badges of attendees and participants as well as the in relevant places on the Grenadine app and your event website.

Participant Schedule

It is often the case that events will have a number of participants giving more than on talk, or sitting on multiple panels. With Grenadine, you can search for a specific individuals’ schedule. Using the parameters shown below an you can customize your search.

Below you can see an example of a participant schedule. This includes standard information such as the name of the conference, the participants published name (in this case “#teamalissa”), as well as the following detailed information:

  • Start/end times of each scheduled session
  • Duration
  • Title (the name of the session and those participating in it)
  • Format (workshop, presentation, panel, etc)
  • Room (where the session is taking place)

Participant schedule (simplified)

As the name suggests this is a simplified version of the participant schedule. The simplified version is clean and easy to read showing all pertinent information in the following format. Below is the simplified version of the “#teamalissa” schedule shown below:

  • Name/Published name
  • Tilte and format
  • Date/Time/duration
  • Room
  • Participants

People and number of sessions

This report allows you to view how many sessions a participant is speaking at during your event. It also shows the maximum they can do per day and per overall event. Finally, this report lists all of the sessions a participant is speaking at or participating in.

People overused as speakers

If a participant has been over-scheduled at an event this report will provide you with the details. Grenadine knows the importance of keeping both attendees and participants happy and allowing you to see if a participant is being overused is a great way to avoid upsetting participants.

People by tags

When attendees and participants first download the Grenadine Event Guide app to use for an event, they are given the option to select interests that are relevant to the event. You can then search attendees and participants based on these interests in order to recommend sessions and in order to improve the event experience.

Once the tag(s) have been selected (in this case, Academic Writing Courses) you will see a list of people, both attendees, and participants, who have expressed interest in this tag.

People by tag context

People by tag context allows you to find people based on the general context behind their chosen tags. The example below shows a “For Tag Context” search for “art”, and the people associated with relevant tags such as “book art & design” and “photography”.


Participants Schedule

You can search for the schedule of a specific participant or participants. Grenadine knows that you have a variety of preferences and needs, therefore you can customize page size to meet your needs.


Use this to print badges for your participants.

People badge label

Grenadine has an excellent feature that lets you print badges for attendees, participants, and anyone else who needs one at your event. We offer a variety of formats from Avery and other manufacturers. The most common badge size is an Avery 5392 Nametag Insert Refillwhich measures 3” x 4”. Printing a badge within Grenadine Event Manager does not require any special kind of printer, as our system simply generates a PDF which can easily be sent to any printer. On occasion an event organizer might need to reprint only a few badges, this can be done by selecting “Label Type” and “People”, as shown below.

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