Everything else one might need to know about reports that has not been covered in the previous pages.


Task lists are vital throughout the lifecycle of any and all events this report provides you with an up-to-date task list that includes the following details:

  • Task
  • Category (eg. project management)
  • Status (completed, assigned, etc)
  • Priority (low, medium, or high)
  • Owner (who is in charge of this task)
  • Originator (who created the task)
  • Due Date
  • Linked to (the room, session, etc. that is linked to the task)

Table Tents

Grenadine provides participants with table tents that will not only display their names to attendees but also provide the participant with any details they may need about the event.

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Room Signs

You are able to choose how they wish to display information about the sessions taking place in each room by customizing room signs using Grenadine.

Change Sheets