Make changes to registration accounting setup throughout your events in this section of Global Settings.


In Registration Accounting Setup you are able to select which account will be used for income and which will be used for expenses. These accounts will be set up for every event you create using Grenadine Event Software.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Settings -> Global Settings -> Registration Setup

To change the accounts for expenses and income select shown highlighted above.

Here you can select the account for income and the account for expenses from the drop down menus shown pictured above.

  1. Account for Income: Select the account from which you would like Grenadine Event Manager to report income derived from ticket sales. This income is calculated automatically as tickets are sold, and added to this account sale by sale.
  2. Account for Expenses: This is the account where you would like Grenadine Event Manager to tally up the expenses related to selling tickets. Some expenses, such as the Grenadine ticket selling fee, are incurred automatically when a ticket is sold, and will be reported in this account so that you can keep track of them.