Follow this guide to see how registration will look for attendees using your Grenadine event website.


In this page, we will go over the steps of the registration process for attendees. Remember that the registration processes may vary if you are using ticketless registration or if you are using a shopping cart.

Your Grenadine Event Website

Above is a rendering of your event website homepage (websites are customizable click here ). To register, your attendees will select either the or the , both of which are outlined in red in the picture above. After clicking either of these the registration page will appear as shown below.

  1. Promo Code If the ticket can only be obtained with a promo code the attendee can type it in here and click

  2. Quantity If no promo codes are necessary the attendee can simply select the number of tickets they wish to purchase here.

  3. Add to Cart To begin to check out the attendee can now select

Once the tickets have been added to the cart, attendees can click the button to begin the checkout process. The button is found at the top the registration screen and is highlighted in green next to the button .


All registration options are shown above, including the options to log in with social media as well as to continue as a guest, you are able to choose which log in options you prefer to make available to your attendees. Once attendees select how they would like to continue they will be taken to the following screen.

Registration Contact Details

  1. Each person registering will have a time limit within which they must complete registration. As the event organizer, you are able to specify that time limit.

  2. When the attendees are registering they, will need to fill out their contact information. As the event organizer, you are able to customize which information you require of your attendees.

  3. If the ticket purchaser is not buying the ticket for themselves, they can indicate that here and provide the information of the person who will be using the ticket.

Registration Confirmation

Once a successful registration has been completed the following screen will appear.

  1. The confirmation number will appear here as well as being emailed to the ticket purchaser as well as the ticket holder if they are not the same person.

  2. The ticket details will appear here, including the name and date of the event, the ticket holders name, the registration number, and more.

  3. Tickets can be downloaded here, a copy will also be sent to the email addresses of both the person who registered for the ticket as well as the ticket holder. In cases which ticketless registration is used will not appear.

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