View indepth information about each registration order in this section of Grenadine Event Manager.


The “Registration Orders” table lists the orders placed for your event and can be found in the “registration” section of Grenadine Event Manager.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration -> Registration Orders

  1. Click this box to select every item in the Registration Orders table.
  2. # The numbers in this column represent the confirmation number of a registration order. You can search this table by confirmation number or select a number to view the order details (including the date purchased, the purchaser’s name, address, and email address). You are also able to view, edit and export the ticket here.
  3. Purchaser Search the purchaser by name using this column.
  4. Tickets This column specifies the ticket type.
  5. Amount This column indicates the cost of the ticket purchased.
  6. Status If you have enabled the “Pay Later” option for your event orders that have been paid for will be marked as “completed” whereas those that are awaiting payment will be marked “processing”.
  7. Payment “Pay Later” orders that have yet to be paid for will be marked “UNPAID” tickets that have been paid for will be marked “Paid”.
  8. Created At This shows the date and time at which the ticket was registered.

Canceling a Registration Order

In some cases, you may have to cancel a ticket, to do so select the ticket you need to cancel and select as shown highlighted above. Once you have selected the you will be shown the following message:

Remember: You will need to have to issue a reimbursement using your payment provider’s merchant interface.

After selecting a message like the one shown below will appear in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Email Purchaser

If you need to email someone regarding their purchase or send a bulk e-mail you can do so by selecting highlighted above.

Once you select this option the following screen will appear:

  1. Campaign Title (optional) If you are sending an e-mail as part of a promotional campaign you can give it a “campaign name” this name is for internal use only and will not be seen by the recipients.
  2. Recipients Here you can review those who will be receiving this e-mail. To add additional recipients select the button on the right side of the recipient box.
  3. Also cc secondary emails If you check this box, emails will be sent to the recipient’s default email address and will also be cc’ed to all other (secondary) email addresses on their contact details card. You can use this option when you use secondary addresses for administrative assistants, for example, and want to copy them on messages to your main recipient.
  4. From This is the from address for this email. To change this address, you need to subscribe to Grenadine Tier 3 and configure your account properly. When you change the from address, this email will look as though it is being sent from you and users will not distinguish them from regular emails sent by you.
  5. Invitation? If this email is being sent as an invitation select this box. Upon the e-mail being sent Grenadine will change the recipients’ invitation status to “invited”.
  6. Copy From a Previous Email (optional) Selecting this will copy the body of a previously sent e-mail to enable you to send it again.
  7. Subject The subject line of this email.
  8. Body The email itself will appear here
  9. If you have decided you do not wish to send the email or save any of the contents of it select this button.
  10. If you wish to send a test email to see how your email will appear upon receipt you can do so by clicking here.
  11. When you are ready to send your email you can do so by clicking this button. Emails will be sent immediately, and this step cannot be undone.

Resend Confirmation Email

Confirmation emails can be resent by selecting the purchaser from the Registration Orders table and clicking