Use registration forms when you want to ask additional questions during your registration process.


Registration forms are groups of questions that you can ask as part of the ordering or ticket purchasing process. These questions are asked in addition to the default questions that are already asked by Grenadine Event Manager (name, address, email address and payment method). Registration forms are useful when you need to know more about your guests. For example, you can use registration forms if you need a ticket buyer to tell you if they are left-handed or right-handed (for a golf tournament), if they are a vegetarian (for meal planning), if their parents have approved the purchase (for minors), etc. Registration forms can be tied either to the purchaser or to each ticket holder.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Registration -> Registration Forms

Screen Overview: Registration Forms

  1. Click this button to add a new registration form.

  2. Click on the form you wish to edit, it will turn green, from there click the Edit button.

  3. Select the form you wish to delete and then click the Delete button. You will then have to confirm that you wish to delete this form in the popup shown below. Once a form has been deleted it cannot be undone

  4. Registration Form Preview: This allows you to view the registration form as it will be seen by recipients.

Process Overview

Step 1. To create a new registration form, click .

Step 2. After clicking , the following screen will appear. Fill it in.

  1. Form Audience: Select which group will be your target audience (purchasers or ticket holders). The form can’t be directed at both groups. To save the form, you must have already selected an audience. If you need to change the audience, you can come back and edit it later.

  2. Name: Chose an internal name for this registration form. The audience will not see this name.

  3. Save Changes: If you do not save the information you have input it will be lost. Please note, if you have not selected an audience nothing will be saved.

Editing a Registration Form

  1. To edit the target audience in an existing registration form, click the form name. It will appear green when it has been selected.

  1. Click .

Edit a question in a Registration Form

  1. To edit questions in an existing form, click the form name.

  2. Next to the form name, there is a + sign. Click it. You will now see the list of questions in that form.

  3. Click the name of the question to edit it.

  4. Click the trash bin icon next to the question to delete it.

Add Question

You can add questions to existing forms or a new form.

Step 1. Click “Add Question” to the right of the form you wish to add questions to.

Step 2. Once you have clicked the “Create Question” box will appear.

  1. Sort Order: The number you input here will determine where this question will appear in relation to other questions on the form.

  2. Question: Type the question you wish to have answered here.

  3. Question Type: Select how you would like the question to be answered. You can choose between, long answer, multiple-choice, drop-down, and more!

  4. Save to a person field(optional): If you want the response to this question to be saved in the person’s file, select the field where it should be saved. For example, if this question is about food or medication allergies, you could decide to store the response permanently in the “allergies” field. You can add custom fields to people’s files in the global settings area.

  5. Mandatory: Select this box if an answer to this question is mandatory.

  6. Help Text: Write a helpful or informational text about your questions here.

    Remember to always Save Changes