You can cancel individual tickets or complete orders for your event. If your cancellation policy requires you to provide refunds as well, you'll need to process refunds with your payment provider.


If an individual no longer wishes to attend your event, you can cancel their ticket or order. If the original order had only one ticket, canceling the ticket or the order has the same result. If the order had multiple tickets, then canceling the order will cancel all tickets contained within the order.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Tickets -> Tickets Sold -> Select ticket you wish to cancel ->

Process Overview

To begin, go to the Tickets Sold table in Grenadine Event Manager.

  1. Select the ticket you wish to cancel (it will turn blue as shown in the image above).
  2. Click .

  1. Confirm your cancellation by clicking as shown above. Please Note: a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the ticket holder, confirming the cancellation of their ticket. This step cannot be undone. You are responsible for issuing any refunds that may be necessary.

  2. On the Tickets Sold table the ticket will now appear as canceled in the Status column.

Notifications for cancelled tickets and orders

By default, a cancellation notice will be sent to you and ticket holders whenever a ticket or an order is cancelled. To change this go to Settings -> Global Settings -> Emails and Notifications and de-select the appropriate actions, as shown below:


Grenadine does not refund tickets and orders automatically because refund policies differ from event to event. If you need to send a refund, simply log on to your payment provider account (Stripe, PayPal, Moneris, etc.) and send refund according to your policy.

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