You can send push messages (also known as push notifications) to attendees and speakers via the Grenadine Event Guide mobile app.


Sending push messages with Grenadine is instant and easy! From the home page of your event management software interface, go to Messages. Then hit the button, and . Compose the message (with the option to add a title) you want your audience to receive and press . Your message will be sent within a few seconds. Be sure to review your message before pressing the save changes button, to ensure the message you are sending is up to the standard of the event you have organized

Everyone using event mobile app will receive the push notification in their devices’ notification center, or in the app while they are using it.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Mobile Apps -> Mobile Push Notifications

  1. click here compose and send a new message (see more below).
  2. Title search push notifications by title.
  3. Message search push notification messages by typing keywords here.
  4. Delivery Date organize tickets by the delivery date.

Send A New Message

  1. Title You have the option of giving your push notifications title here.
  2. Message Type the message you wish to send here. Do not include special characters or HTML in your message.
  3. Send Message Now Click the button to send messages immediately.

Below is an example of what a push notification might look like: