If you don't want to publish your event website under a grenadine.co domain, you can publish under your own domain (i.e. your-company.com).

Whenever you create an event with Grenadine Event Planner, an event website is automatically created as soon as you hit the button. This website can be used by attendees and participants to view your event schedule, your list of speakers, and to register for your event. Once registered, attendees and participants are able to log on to build their schedule, update their public profile or answer surveys.

When we create your website, we use a grenadine address in the form:


Your event website is created instantly and is automatically fully functional.

On occasion, there are business constraints, for example, search engine rankings or branding purposes, that may require your event website to be hosted under your own URL. To better meet the needs of our customers, we’re now offering the ability to publish your event website under a custom domain.

A custom domain is a paid add-on (see pricing information on our pricing page).

How to use your custom domain

Let’s say that your company is called Gamers United and the domain you use to host your website is “gamersconvention.com”. A DNS server has been set up for you, that directs to your main website, perhaps hosted under WordPress or Drupal or something similar.

Your company hosts an annual gamers convention called “International Gamer’s Convention”. For this year’s edition, the event will be imaginatively called “2018 International Gamer’s Convention“.

Here’s an example of how you could use Grenadine to host your instantly-generated event website under your gamersconvention.com custom domain.

Step 1. Pick a subdomain to point to your event

You could choose “2018.gamersconvention.com” or “world-tour.gamersconvention.com“.

In this example, “2018.gamersconvention.com” will be the address at which attendees and participants can access your event information.

Step 2. Contact the Grenadine support team

Contact our support team and tell them that you would like the custom domain option and tell them the domain you would like to use for your next event (in this example it’s 2018.gamersconvention.com). Remember, because you set up your event in Grenadine, you already have an event website currently listed under the following URL:


Step 3. Add a DNS record (or call your techie to do it!)

In this step, you’ll receive special instructions from Grenadine. Our support team will ask you to add a CNAME record to your DNS hosting server. Here’s an example of the CNAME record for the 2018 International Gamer’s Convention:

NAME                         TYPE          VALUE
2018.gamersconvention.com    CNAME         custom-sites.grenadine.co

Here’s an example screenshot of how to do this at GoDaddy (please note: things could look different depending on your DNS provider). First, log on to your DNS administration system, then navigate to the area where you can manage your zone (your DNS records):

In this example, you may need to pick the domain you want to manage the zone before you can continue (i.e., it’s the one you want to use for your Grenadine event website).

Once you see the list of records for your domain, click the Add button to add a new record. In this example, the Add button can be found at the bottom of the list:

When the system prompts you to say what kind of record you want to add, select CNAME (canonical name):

Then add your record. The host should be the subdomain that you want to use. In our example, because we want to use “2018.gamersconvention.com”, the host is “2018“. Some DNS managers will require you to enter only the host portion (“2018” in this case), whereas others may require that you enter the full name (“2018.gamersconvention.com”).

In this example, the DNS manager requires that we enter only “2018“:

Once this is done, please advise Grenadine support so that we may complete your setup.

Step 4. Use your new domain!

As soon as your CNAME record takes effect, your new address will point to your Grenadine event website. Here’s what your old URL was, and what the new one looks like:

Old URL:


New URL:


Note that your new URL is full secured with an https:// prefix. For securing your custom site, we use Let’s Encrypt and we generate an SSL certificate for you.

Pricing for custom domains

You can see pricing options for using custom domains and/or SSL certificates on the Grenadine pricing page.