View the public discussions and feedback for specific sessions.


Event attendees can communicate with you and others at your event in a number of ways including through public discussions. In the schedule section of Grenadine Event Manager, you are able to view and manage public discussions.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Schedule -> Select Session -> Public Discussions

Process Overview

  1. ID: Each public discussion will be given an ID number
  2. Comment: The full comment posted in the public discussion will appear here.
  3. Person: The name of the person who left this comment.
  4. Source: What did the person use to leave this comment? For example, if they use their Android mobile device to leave a comment it will show in this column.
  5. Date: The approximate date the comment was made.
  6. Date Deleted: If the comment was deleted the date it was deleted will be shown here.
  7. Export: To export any of the information shown in this table select the comment you wish to export then click .
  8. +/-Columns: Add or remove columns to see only the information you need to see.