When you don't want people to get their tickets by email, Grenadine offers the option to pick up tickets on-site at your event.


Sometimes, when you require paid registration, sell an event ticket, or another type of merchandise (like a t-shirt or event cap), you may want to have the purchaser pick up that item directly at the event rather than deliver it electronically (via PDF) or send it via regular mail.

For this scenario, Grenadine Event Management Software allows you to offer the Pick up at the event shipping option. Your items are not actually shipped, but this option will make the purchaser understand that they will not get his purchase right away, but needs to wait and pick it up at a designated spot during your event.

Note that even when you select this option, the purchaser will still get a confirmation email for their purchase.

How It Works

When you select “enable pick up at the event” as an acceptable shipping method, your prospective attendee can go through a normal registration process, but the process will offer them the option of “picking up at the event” in the shipping options area.

At this point, once the purchase is completed, Grenadine Reg will send an “order confirmation” to both the attendee and the event organizer. Because the shipping option was selected as “pick up at the event”, no ticket will be attached to the order confirmation email.

You must then plan for some kind of welcome table, booth or equivalent, at your event where the items ordered by your guests can be distributed.