You manage a list of people for your event. This list contains speakers, attendees, staff, and other people who may not yet have a specific role, for example, people you intend to invite.


Managing the people participating in or attending your event is an important step in the event management process. Grenadine has a multi-faceted approach to people management that puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you and your team to fully manage every step of your event.

Grenadine lets you manage a list of people for each event. People also have profiles that can be re-used in future events.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> People -> People

Grenadine offers a variety of options when it comes to people management. The People Table is your homebase for managing those attending your event. In the people table, you are able to do the following:


Participants (also referred to as “speakers or “moderators”) are people who have a presenting role at your event. Speakers are entered in the people table and are published in the event’s official program. For speakers, we recommended that you add at least the following:

  • Their full name
  • Their stage name (if applicable)
  • Their email address
  • Their biography
  • A professional photo of them
  • Any social media links that belong to them and that should be published to attendees

Attendees and Guests

Attendees and guests are people that will be visiting your event but not otherwise participating as speakers, lecturers, artists or moderators. You enter (or import) a list of attendees in the Grenadine Event Management Software much the same way you would enter participants, except for these few differences:

  • Attendees may be officially registered and have a registration confirmation number. Registration numbers are assigned by Grenadine at registration time.
  • Attendees may opt-in to share their information such as their picture or their personal web site. If they opt-in, their name and picture will be listed in the Attendees section of the website and mobile apps.
  • Attendees may register for individual capacity-limited sessions, or sign-up for the wait-list if capacity is not available for a session that interests them.

You can start entering attendees yourself or import a list of attendees from 3rd-party systems. If you import a list of attendees, it’s recommended that you import their unique attendee identifiers (often a number). This will help in identifying duplicate attendees in the future if you re-import a second list.