You can now view the details of people who are mentioned in a submission.


People are sometimes mentioned in submissions which is why there is a “People” tab.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Submissions -> Submissions -> Select the Submission you wish to view -> People

  1. Name: The name of the person mentioned in the submission.
  2. Photo: A photo of the person mentioned in this submission.
  3. Organizations: The organization associated with the person mentioned in the submission.
  4. Categories: The categories associated with this person and submission.
  5. Registered: Answer yes or no to indicate whether or not this person is registered.
  6. Registration Type: If applicable, name the type of registration , for example, early bird, student, etc.
  7. Registration Number: The registration number of this person.
  8. Tickets: The number of tickets this person has.
  9. Ticket Type: This indicated the type of tickets.
  10. Promo Codes(s) Used: If a person used a promo code (or promo codes) they will be shown here.
  11. Assigned Items: The items that have been assigned to this person.
  12. Notes: If there are any internal notes made about this person they will be shown here.
Tags: submissions