You can import a list of people from an external Excel file or an Open Office Calc file.


You can import people into the event’s “people list” by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. You can map the columns from the sheet to those in the system.

To import an existing list of people go to the Grenadine People section and click on the Import icon. You can upload a Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc file and import it directly by mapping each of your columns to Grenadine people fields.

Grenadine Event Manager -> People -> People -> Import -> Start

Import Wizard

The import wizard will guide you through the following steps:

Select file

Select the file you import located on your workstation.

Once you have chosen the files you wish to import click the

Map fields

Once the file is selected, the “Map fields” will shod rows of data that found in your file. You now need to map the correct Grenadine fields to the columns in your file. If you want to skip one or columns, leave those columns unmapped. They will not be imported. Please note that the “first name” and “last name” columns are mandatory.


  • Place your mouse cursor on the table below and scroll right to see all possible columns, if they are not entirely visible.
  • If your file has column names in the first row, leave the “ignore first-row” box checked. The first row will not be imported.
  • If you need to do quick corrections before importing your file, you can hover your mouse over a field and edit the contents directly in the table by double-clicking.


This page shows the status and progress of the import process. Once completed, just click on the .


This page shows the list of rows matching to an existing person in Grenadine. All rows appearing in this page are not imported yet. Select each row of the left column and click on of the following buttons:

  1. : the row will be ignored and not imported in Grenadine.
  2. : the data will be merged with the existing person showed on the right column.
  3. : the data will be imported and a new person will be created.

Alternatively, you can click on the to merge all rows on the left column with the existing match found in Grenadine.

Importable Fields

Here are the fields that you can import:

  • Prefix – The prefix to the name, for example, “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”
  • First name – This field is mandatory.
  • Last name – This field is mandatory.
  • Suffix – Name suffix, for example “Sr.” or “MD”
  • Prefix (publishable) *
  • First name (publishable) *
  • Last name (publishable) *
  • Suffix (publishable) *
  • Job title – Job title, like “Director”, “Marketing Assistant”, etc.
  • Organization – Name of the organization or company
  • Street address (line 1) – First line of the address. Example: 4529 Clark Street
  • Street address (line 2) – Second line of the address, for example “Suite 201”
  • City
  • ZIP Code or postal code
  • State or province
  • Country
  • Phone
  • Email – This field is mandatory.

Sample Files

Here are sample files you can use as templates for your importable data: