People images are the pictures that appear next to people who have registered to attend or speak at your event. Once registered, individuals can use a personal professional photo of their own.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Event -> Event Information

Process Overview

Setting a default person image

Scroll down to the Advanced Options, locate Default person image and click

Select the image you would like to use. Once you your default person image is to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the event information screen and click the button to save your changes.

Updating your own person image

After logging in the website, users can go to My profile and update their picture.

Updating anyone’s person image

Organizers can update anyone’s person image.

  • Navigate to Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> People.
  • Select a person.
  • Go to the Profile tab.
  • Under photo, click on the pencil button.
  • Drag and drop an image.
  • Click

Social media images

When users log in to the website or the mobile app using a social media account, their social media image will be used as their picture (if they don’t already have one).