Create pages on your event website by following the simple steps below.


Adding pages to your event website has never been easier!

By using the Pages screen in the Grenadine Event Manager, you can create sub-menus in the Event Information tab found on your website. These sub-menus are the pages you have created to provide your guests with useful information on the event website.

You can also use the Pages screen to write the content of your website in the case that you do not have a pre-made page.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Pages ->

Process Overview

1. Pages: This where you will create pages for your event website.

2. Add: Click the button to access the Create Page screen.

3. Edit: Click the button to access the Edit Page screen.

4. Delete: Click the button to delete a page off your event website.

Create a Page

In this screen, you will be able to create your page.

1. Page Tile: Write the title of your new page in this field. Remember, this title will also be the clickable sub-menu item under the Event Information tab on your website.

2. Visibility: Choose between displaying your page between your website, your mobile app or both.

3. Use URL: If you have a pre-made page, click the Use URL box and paste the URL to your page in the Text box.

The URL must be complete and have the form

Important Make sure that your external URL is secured through SSL and uses https rather than http. This is because the page may be displayed in a secure web site or browser, and some browsers or devices may refuse to display an unsecured page in certain circumstances. To avoid these issues, use https.

4. Text: Use this field to write the content for your new page. You can use the toolbar to format your text and add pictures.

Don’t forget to SAVE your changes by clicking .

Event Website

After creating pages, this is what your event website will look like:

1. Event Information: This is the tab under which you will find your pages.

The sub-menu items are the pages. You can access these pages by clicking on the titles. For example, to access your sessions list by category page, you would click Event Information then sessions list by category.

Order of Pages

Now that you’ve finished creating your pages, you’d like to place them in a specific order. Here is how you would do that:

1. Go to the Pages screen.

2. Place your cursor (mouse) next to the little grey box. You will see your cursor turn from a regular arrow to a double-headed arrow like the one circled in the picture.

3. To change the order of your pages, simply click the area and drag and drop by moving the highlighted row up or down. Make sure your cursor stays in that little area as you can only drag and drop there. This will change the pages’ order of appearance under the Event Information tab in your website and mobile app.

Edit Pages

You can edit your pages by clicking the checkbox and clicking .

Alternatively, you can also click on the name of the event. If you do, this screen will pop up:

This screen shows you the preview of your page. You can scroll on it to see the formatting of your contribution.

To edit the page, click . The following screen will appear:

Click on the fields to edit. Make sure to SAVE changes by clicking .