Add and manage organizations.


Organizations can be involved with your event in a number of ways, they can include sponsors, exhibitors, and suppliers.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your Event-> Organizations


The Organizations table allows you to sort and manage organizations in a way that best suits your needs.

Adding Organizations

To add an organization click the and fill in the table shown below.

  1. Organization Name: The name of the organization or company for example “Grenadine Technologies”.
  2. About This Organization: A description of the organization. Keep in mind that only information about exhibitors and sponsors will be published on the event website, mobile app, and published documents. Information about suppliers will not be published because supplier information is not publicly published.
  3. Website: The URL of the event website.
  4. Organization Logo: Upload a photo to appear on the event website, mobile app, and in published documents. It is recommended you use a JPEG file that is 736x264 pixels.
  5. Roles: Roles can be supplier, sponsor, an exhibitor, or have more than one role in your event. For example, an organization could be both an exhibitor and a sponsor. Choose all the roles that apply for this organization.Please Note: You will not be able to remove the supplier role if a company is supplying requirements such as food and beverage or equipment.
  6. Categories: The category or categories with which the role is associated. For example, is a supplier is providing food it would be categorized as “food and beverage”.
  7. Primary Email: The public email for this company. Please Note: emails for companies with a public role will be published.
  8. Label: Add a label to indicate the type of e-mail address this is. For example, the assistant’s email, primary email, personal email, etc.
  9. Social Media: Add any relevant social media pages associated with the organization. There will appear publicly for exhibitors and sponsors.

Uploading Images

Upload organizations logos by doing the following:

To begin, click

If you have the image saved continue to the next step, if you wish to upload the image via web address select Web Address to and paste the appropriate link. More information about uploading an image via web address can be found here.

Next click

Pick the appropriate image for your files.

If needed to can adjust the size of the image. We recommend you use a JPEG file that is 736x264 pixels. Select .

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