Grenadine fully supports English and French events, with partial support for other languages.

Multi-Language Events

You can support one of more languages for an event in Grenadine. The following languages have full support all throughout the Grenadine system:

  • English
  • French

Full support” means that all aspects of the Grenadine user interface, buttons, hints, error messages, etc. are available in both English and French.

All other languages provide partial support. This means that you can contribute contents such as names, titles, descriptions in those languages, but the user interface will fall back to either English or French. For example, if you select Arabic, contents of the page that you wrote yourself will displayed in arabic, but buttons, help texts, and other interface elements will be presented to end users in English.

“Main” Language and “Additional” Languages

If your event will be presented in multiple languages, select the languages in the order of importance when creating your event, making sure to select your “main” language first.

The first language in your list is your default language, and texts are required for all session titles at least in that language. For example, if you select 3 languages for your event such as English, French and Spanish, (note that in this example English is first), you will be required to provide all contents in English, and contents in the alternate languages will be optional.

When members of the public first access your event micro-website, they will be presented with information in the main language first, and they can then elect to switch to one of the alternate languages if they wish.