You can use Grenadine Event Manager to create your event mobile app. The mobile app contains the event programs, lists of speakers and various other features suitable for use by your attendees and speakers.


Customize the color scheme of your mobile app to suit your brand. Find “Mobile Color Scheme” in the staging menu and you’re on your way to creating an app that looks exactly how you want it to in a few easy steps.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Mobile Apps -> Mobile Color Scheme

Process Overview

Step One:

To begin making your mobile app look exactly how you want it to click .

Step Two:

Customize your colors by selecting the ones you would like to change, for example, “Main App Background Color and altering it to your exact specifications as shown above.

Step Two-B Themes:

If you have already used Grenadine to create an event and would like to use the same color scheme you can do so by selecting it from the “Theme” drop-down menu.

To create a theme simply click

Create the theme by selecting the colors you would like to change, naming it, and clicking .

Step Three:

Your changes will be sent to the app as soon as you click and will be shown to users when they refresh their app, though it is unlikely you will change the event colors during the event.