With Grenadine, you can deliver the power of our software to the fingertips of your attendees and participants with our mobile app.


You can easily configure your event mobile app to your needs. Any changes made here will be reflected throughout your event apps.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Mobile apps -> Mobile Apps Configuration

Login Requirements

Configure the login requirements for your mobile app here.

  1. Select this box if login will be required login to access the mobile app. Doing with will make the app inaccessible to anonymous users.
  2. Require users to tag their interests when logging into the mobile app. Selecting this box will make the “pick your interests” screen appear when users log in to the app. Here users can select relevant interests that can help them find sessions they will enjoy, network, and more.

Mobile App Homepage

  1. Selecting this box will display the event description text that you entered upon creating the event.
  2. Allow participants and attendees to easily locate the venue (or venues) by displaying a pinned map on your mobile app.


  1. Allowing comments is a great way to engage users and encourage a discourse through commenting on sessions.
  2. Users can quickly rate a session by giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This gives you instant feedback about your event.
  3. Users can quickly and privately leave feedback for organizers.
  4. Users can keep track of sessions they are interested in attending by adding them to their list of favorites. This can help users to build their own schedules and ensure they are reminded about sessions that have piqued their interest.
  5. If a session offers (Ticketless Registration)[https://docs.grenadine.co/ticketless-registration.html]
  6. Display the remaining number of places left for sessions that require sign up or the purchase of a ticket.


  1. Attendees are able to choose whether or not they wish to publicly display their profiles. If they have chosen to make their profile public it will appear on the list of attendees if you select this box.
    a) Doing this will automatically publish attendee profiles, giving them the option to unpublish their profile should they wish to remain private.
    b) This will show the attendance list for each session.
    c) This will automatically display the social media links of each attendee. Those who do not wish to link to their social media can disable this option manually.
  2. Enable an activity feed which you can see every message you, the event organizer, has sent to individuals and as push notifications.
  3. The badge scanner allows for those at your event to network in a hassle-free way. Anyone with the mobile app and a badge can scan another person’s badge to instantly have their public contact information at their fingertips. More information on badges can be found here.
  4. People in need of tickets can get them easily with the mobile app. Attendees are able to begin the process on the app which will quickly and easily re-direct them to the web browser on their device.
  5. All tickets relevant to your event will be kept in one easy-to-find place within the app.
  6. Users can comment and view comments that have been made about your event.
  7. Selecting interests will recommend sessions to attendees based on their interest, thus helping attendees get even more from their event experience.
  8. Users can share links to sessions via social media.
  9. Logged in attendees are able to chat amongst themselves on the app if you enable this feature.
    a) This will set the default for the chat feature which users can then turn on or off depending on their own preferences.