Send mass emails to as many people as you need.


Mass Emailing allows you to send emails to as many people as necessary in a few easy steps. You can save drafts, and resend e-mails if needed.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your Event -> People-> Mass Emailing

Process Overview: Drafts

After clicking the screen below will appear and you will be able to compose your e-mail.

  • Campagin Title (optional): If this is a promotional campaign, mass email or other bulk sending message, you can give it an internal “campaign name” to help you know what this was later on. The title is internal only and is not sent to the recipients.
  • Recipients:The list of recipients for this email. Note that unlike a “to:” field in a regular email system, each message will be sent individually, so that recipients cannot see the list of other recipients.
  • Also cc secondary emails:If you check this box, emails will be sent to the recipient’s default email address and will also be cc’ed to all other (secondary) email addresses on his contact details card. You can use this option when you use secondary addresses for administrative assistants, for example, and want to copy them on messages to your main recipient. Note: Normally, the “default” email address is the one that is marked “default” in the person’s contact details card. If no address is marked “default”, then the first address on the person’s contact details card will be considered as the primary address, and all other addresses will be considered as secondary addresses, to be cc’ed.
  • From:This is the from address for this email. To change this address, you need to subscribe to Grenadine Tier 3 and configure your account properly. When you change the from address, this email will look as though it is being sent from you and users will not distinguish them from regular emails sent by you. See this post for more information on custom from addresses.
  • Invitation? If you check this box, Grenadine will change the invitation status of the recipients to “Invited”, once the mail has been sent out.
  • Copy From a Previous Email (optional): If you want to copy contents of an email that you sent previously, select it from this list. The contents (and subject line) will be copied below and you can change them as required.
  • Subject: The subject line for this e-mail
  • Body: The contents of the message.

  • To Cancel sending the message click here.
  • To save a draft of a message you wish to send later click here. If need be, you will be able to edit the draft later on.
  • Use this to test the e-mail, and see how it will look once it has been sent.
  • To send the email click here.

Process Overview: Sent

View previously sent e-mails here. To view the content of the e-mail click the email you would like to view, the following screen will then appear.

In the top right hand corner select New mail based on this one . When you select this, the email you have previously sent will be opened and you can resend it as is or edit it as you see fit.

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