Several mail merge fields are available to help you send mass personalized emails to your event attendees, speakers and staff.


Merge fields allow you to send a message to many people with the same layouts but personalized for each recipient.

Here is the list of available fields:

  • Person’s first name
  • Person’s last name
  • Person’s published first name
  • Person’s published last name
  • Person’s survey authentication code (required if survey requires authentication)
  • Person’s speaking schedule (embedded in the email)
  • Link to person’s speaking schedule
  • Person’s speaking schedule (optionally with emails of co-participants, so speakers can contact each other)
  • Link to person’s public speaker profile
  • Link to person’s tickets
  • Link to event website login
  • Link to reset their password
  • Link to event registration page
  • Link to download the event mobile app
  • Event code for your mobile app
  • Link to a call for submission form
Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> People -> Select recipients -> Email

Process Overview

Within the Grenadine email section, simply write your message and insert a merge field by clicking on the button and selecting the field you want to use.

Your resulting email text will include your text as well as the merge fields, for example:

Dear <%= args[:person].first_name %>,

Please find your speaking schedule below:

<%= assignments_to_html(args[:assignments]) %>

Best regards,

Your event team

Sending an e-mail through Mail Merge is an incredibly easy process.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Fill out the window below with the necessary information. The recipient e-mails you require have already been filled in during step 1.

  • Campaign Title: This optional step is suggested for use for email campaigns and other bulk messages.
  • Recipients: Those you wish to receive the email.
  • Also CC Secondary Emails: Selecting this box will send the email to every email address you have for each individual contact. Simply put, if a contact provided both their work and personal email address, this will send the message to both.
  • From: This is the from address for this email. To change this address, you need to subscribe to Grenadine Tier 3 and configure your account properly. When you change the from address, this email will look as though it is being sent from you and users will not distinguish them from regular emails sent by you.
  • Invitation? Selecting this box marks this email as an invite to the person/people receiving it. By selecting this box you will change the recipients’ invitations status to “invited”.
  • Copy From a Previous Email: This option allows you to find previous emails in the dropdown list and copy their contents
  • Subject: The subject of the email
  • Body: The email message.

Step 3:

If you would like to automatically include recipients first and last names in your e-mail you can do so by copying and pasting the following:

<%= args[:person].first_name %> <%= args[:person].last_name %>

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