View in-depth logistic reports.


View logistic reports to see the details behind every aspect of your event from venues and sessions to suppliers and documents. Each section of the logistic report can be customized to show specific logistics or left blank to include all information for that section.

Grenadine Event Manager -> Your event -> Reports-> Logistics

Process Overview

  1. Rooms/Locations to Include: To view a report which includes a specific room or location type the name of the room/location here to select it. If you would like to view a report with all rooms and locations leave this blank.
  2. Venues to Include: Some events may have more than one venue. If this is the case for your event and you would like your logistics report to include specific venue(s) select them here. To include all venues, or if your event is only taking place at one venue leave this section empty.
  3. Days to Include: If you only require reports for specific dates you can enter those dates here.
  4. Sessions to Include: Specify which sessions you would like to include in your report.
  5. Suppliers to Include: If you only need specific suppliers to be shown in your report you can indicate them here.
  6. Categories to Include: Specify which categories you want to be reported.
  7. Include Tasks: Including tasks will allow you to see tasks assigned to the rooms/locations, venues, etc. that have been included in this report.
  8. Include Notes: This will show any notes associated with the items in the report.
  9. Include Documents: By default all public documents will be included in the Logistics Report. You can select “No” to not show documents, or “Yes, both public and private documents” to see all documents associated with the event or with the parameters you have set up for this report.
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